01. Greed

How many girls is enough to give you complete satifaction? One? Oh come on, like we're gonna believe you!

Every man dreams of having sex with two hot girls, and the most sophisticated alpha males always feel up to spending the night with three or four girls. Do you think it is impossible for you? Read this article till the end and you will change your opinion.

02. Lust

Men are hunters by nature, they get turned on when a girl runs away and plays hard to get.

But are you really prepared to wait until she's ready or would you do anything to get her in your bed on the first date?

03. Pride

Just admit it, you like it when during sex your girl screams in excitement, tears your back with her nails and then says to her girlfriends that you are a sex god?!

Congrats, that's another little sin of yours.

04. Envy

Everyone watches porn, so don't try to pretend you are a good boy. What do you feel when you see that giant tools of porn actors, who can satisfy their partners for hours?

Envy, of course. Surely, you want it too. Trust me, it's easier than you think.

05. Wrath

How does it feel, having failures in bed? Embarassed, outraged, angry? Well, it appears like you are about to tear everything around you to pieces! This is normal, nobody wants to be a looser. The most important thing is to solve this problem.

06. Gluttony

Everyone has secret sex fantasies. One of the most popular - feeding a girlfriend with your sperm, the more the better!

Exactly the way it is shown in your favourite porn movies. Girls like it, believe me! One question - where do you get so much sperm? Keep reading - and you will learn.

07. Sloth

Guys like it when a girl takes the intiative. She mounts on you and moans, she moves by herself and you watch her and enjoy the process.

Perfect, isn't it? Sometimes, you can afford being lazy.

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