How I fucked 14 girls in 7 days

Hi, guys. Several months ago I weighed 123 kg at 30 years old.

I had to get my weight down to normal. I was miserable. I could barely zip up my XXXXXL trousers on my 112-118 cm waist. Even that size became too small soon. And it was no girls in my life. Only my right hand. After 10 years of jerking, my erection was weak. Even if I picked up a girl one day, I hardly will be able to fuck her.

I tried to go to gym, diets. But my best result was -10 kg in two months.

I heard about different pills for weight loss. But didn't thinck that it works. But my mom ordered me some stuff for weight loss - Green Coffee. I decided that it is better than nothing and start drinking it twice a day.

After only 2 weeks, I was shocked by the results - I was down 8.3 kg! I couldn’t believe what was happening to my body. I was losing kilograms, my body was becoming smaller, and my physique was changing right before my eyes! And know what? I received awasome body. I became popular with women

And one girl invited me to date. I was in fear - I knew about my erection problem. But in this evening I had a hard-stone erection for 3 or 5 hours and I didn't know why. How to fuck 14 girls in 7 days? Be slim, high testerone, hard-stone erection and girls will ask to fuck them.

I read several not so long time ago, that Green Coffee composition is unique! It includes chlorogenic acid, caffeine and tannin. Due to the acceleration of your metabolism and cleansing process, you lose weight very intensely. But moreover it boost your testerone and other stuff. So your penis turn into fuck-machine.

I couldn’t even imagine that everything would be so simple.

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